The first in a new series, where I break down some of the more popular outfit grid combinations from TheNorthernGent Instagram account, and the influences behind the choices. First up is the classic boat shoes and Breton striped tee selection.



The Breton stripe has an interesting history. First introduced by the French navy in 1858 (in Brittany, hence the name), the distinctive stripes were created so that they could be easily visible in the waves, and contained 21 stripes which represented all of Napoleon’s victories. It was Coco Chanel who brought it to the fashion world in 1917, and it hasn’t left ever since.

Outfit break down


To continue the nautical theme, I tend to stick with blue colours when wearing Breton stripes – though neutral tones work just as well. This is the perfect high-summer outfit, as you can keep cool with the boat shoes and tee, but also pull on the sweater if it gets a bit cold.

I would always recommend Sunspel for tees, both striped and plain. They’re expensive, but they fit just right and last for a long time if you treat them right.

Uniqlo sweaters used to be great quality. I think they’ve changed the composition recently, and they’re not quite up to the normal high standard. That being said, you can’t argue for the price.

If you’d like to see more of these break downs, drop me a comment or like below.

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