We all know the feeling. It’s pay day, you’ve got some cash burning a hole in your pocket and you must go clothes shopping and buy everything. Well, hold your horses! Read these tips first.

Buy out of season. Want a great Winter coat at a cheap price? Buy it in June. I know it seems like a waste of money buying clothes now that you’re not likely to wear for 6 months, but you’ll find some great deals as shops attempt to clear out their stock from the previous season. This is also the case on eBay.

Sign up for email newsletters from your favourite brands. Companies will often have flash sales and special discounts set up only for those who subscribe to their newsletter. It’s a way of creating a loyal following, and win-win for both the company and you.

Less is more. Buy items less often, but invest more time and money into these items. If you need some shoes, research what options are available to you and buy a quality pair which will last you a lifetime.

A bigger wardrobe isn’t necessarily a better wardrobe.

Search for ‘New with defects’ on eBay. This should be listed under ‘Condition’. The defect is often something purely cosmetic, and should be described in the listing. I’ve paid a lot less for shoes due to them having a slight blemish. After you’ve worn them once you’ll pick up a load of blemishes anyway. I’ll have a full guide on how to maximise the buying potential of eBay soon.

Set a limit. Have a number in your head which you’re willing to spend. Do not go over that amount under any circumstances. Also, pay in cash, as you can only understand the value of money when it’s a tangible entity in your hands.

Buy in bulk. You never know when a store will discontinue that t-shirt which fits you perfectly and is reasonably priced. Avoid this headache by buying a few of them at a time. Do this with items which are staples of your wardrobe and will never go out of fashion, such as white tees.

Don’t buy on impulse. Go shopping with a clear picture in your head of what you actually require. Impulse buys rarely work, and will be the first items put on eBay or left to rot at the back of your closet. Then you’ll say ‘What was i thinking?!’… Clearly, you weren’t.


A sale is not always a good deal. 20% off an already overpriced shirt is not a good deal. The marketing guys know what they’re doing – if they put it in big red letters, we’ll buy it. Ask yourself if you actually need the item, and would buy it if it was full price. In my experience the best sales i’ve come across are from Mr Porter around Christmas time, and Mango Man who sometimes do 50% off everything (and the quality is really good for the price.)

Visit charity shops in wealthy towns. Yes, many of you no doubt turn your nose up to charity shop wares – but there are some great finds to be had. Rich people get rid of a lot of clothes, and have no need to eBay them, as they’re rich! They’ll give these barely worn items to charity shops.

Set up a fashion website and get free clothes sent to you. Well… That was the idea, anyway. :-\


  1. My daughter wants to buy some more clothes. I didn’t realize that paying in cash helps you understand how much you’re spending. I will make sure my daughter starts doing this, especially when it comes to clothes and shoes.


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