Whether you’re looking to impress the opposite/same sex or simply have a good time with like-minded people, it’s important to always leave the house feeling impeccable.

Being confident in the way you look means you can leave all insecurities at the door and enjoy your night to its fullest. And, who knows, you might even return home at the end of the night with your dignity slightly intact.



It’s important that we address this straight away for fear of attracting the wrong type of reader: these aren’t tips on how to get someone into bed on a night out. If that’s all you’re interested in read a copy of The Game.

If you want to make a good impression you don’t need to wear a three-piece, bright red shoes or any other peacock attire to stand out. A well-dressed man in neutral tones will stand out, whereas a bloke in garish colours and pointy shoes will stand on his own all night.

Geordie Shore

Same goes for TOWIE, Made in Chelsea or any other spice boy phenomenon. Save your vest for the gym, get a real tan and remember that boat shoes are actually fairly stylish if done properly. If you look like any of the characters from said shows you’re on completely the wrong track.

Even think about using the term ‘pulling shirt’

Just don’t.


Dress for the environment

A good starting point is knowing your audience. If it’s a few drinks with your mates in the local then, decent jacket aside, little effort is required; if you’re going to a gig, sing the same song as the band. However, if you’re going ‘out’ out be sure to add something extra. You want to be noticed, but without screaming for attention. You want to turn heads because of style, not ignored because you look like every other white-shirted clown. Invest in a good range of well-fitted natural material casual shirts, combined with some slim-fit black jeans. Match this with some Chukka or Chelsea boots and you’ll be on the right track.

OR be versatile

Some nights you literally don’t know where you’re going to end up. Whether it’s All Bar One or the SU bar, if you dress with versatility you can navigate every place in town. If in doubt wear black – it simply can’t fail. And always wear dress or casual shoes. Don’t risk being the guy that couldn’t get in due to the wide definition of ‘trainers’.

Be practical

The greatest dilemma is knowing when to wear your prize investments. Whether it’s a £650 Belstaff jacket or your £250 monkstraps, you don’t want to spend all night sitting on your own in the corner hiding from the first sign of an over-flowing pint. If you know you’re going to busy bars, or an underground house night where everyone is desperate to throw their drinks in the air after every four bar phrase, wear materials that will wash easily. A good strategy is stocking up on basics from a trusty high street brand such as Zara. These can look good at a low cost, so are easily replaceable.

TIP – On big nights out avoid wearing canvas or suede shoes. Wear leather, from which you can easily clean off dirt with a baby wipe.

Plan ahead

If you’re going out at the weekend you really need to start thinking about which attire you have available on Monday or Tuesday. Bear in mind all the others factors on this list and plan accordingly; you don’t want to be left frantically washing and hair drying your favourite shirt after work on Friday. Equally, you don’t want to find out that it was a bad idea to cancel your gym membership and now you can’t fit into your best jeans – with no time to shop for a new pair.


In the age of every alcohol-induced dancefloor nightmare being plastered all over Facebook, Instagram and Tinder (don’t deny it), it’s important to look the part at all times. Yet this predicament also requires freshening up your look regularly. Not only will doing so help you to feel fresh and confident, but it’ll also make sure you don’t look the same on every single profile photo. Try some new brands or a new look that fits your outlook. If in doubt get on Pinterest for some ideas.

Remember that it’s style over fashion

Always remember the phrase coined by Aquascutum, inventor and connoisseur of the trench coat: understated British elegance. What we can learn from brands like Aquascutum, Thomas Burberry, Hackett or our friends in Italy, is that the clothes they design are timeless; they’re not concerned with what’s fashionable. The fundamental classics stay the same. So be sure to invest accordingly.

Be yourself

It’s difficult to describe that feeling you get when you’ve left the house on your way into town, knowing you’ve nailed it to perfection. You walk with a swagger because your weapon for the night is your confidence. And this is reflected from head to toe in your choice of attire. You’ve done the hard bit now. And rather than arrogantly seeking attention from other people with no personality, you can let your charisma do the talking. You can relax and get to work on the real reason you’re going out: to be the life of the party.

IMG_6595  Words by: Tom Adamski

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