So, you know the basics – your clothes fit well, you have a varied wardrobe, and a damn fine collection of shoes. What the next step? You need to start paying attention to the little details which set apart the stylish man from Joe public on the high street.

Show some cuff. A well-tailored suit jacket or blazer should ideally leave half an inch of your dress shirt showing underneath.

Raise your pocket square game. I’m still learning this one myself. Your pocket square should not colour match your tie. If you’ve folded it into a square, make sure it’s a crisp square – some solid right angles on that bad boy. Also, don’t leave too much of it exposed at the top of the pocket.

Protect your suede. You should have at least one pair of suede shoes in your collection. Make sure you use suede protector spray on them every month or so, as one unprotected rain shower will leave them ruined.

Knitted ties. A silk tie is all well and good, but adding some texture by wearing a knitted tie will really give your formal wear some personality.

Lapel pins. As the name would suggest, these are worn on the lapel of your jacket. Can be used to show affiliation to a company or organisation, or just because it looks nice.

Turn up your jeans. Especially handy if your jeans bunch up a bit at the bottom of the leg. A turn up draws attention to your shoes and just looks better (in my humble opinion).

Wear a watch. In this day and age of mobiles, you don’t need to wear a watch. But don’t let that stop you. Check out my guide on watches for some good ideas

Buy a card holder. Your wallet is chunky and unsightly. You only need a couple of credit cards, your ID and some notes.

Burnish your shoe. Next time you go to get a professional polish on brown shoes, ask them to burnish the toe. It adds a bit of class to the shoe.

Buy shoe trees. Your shoes will crease up in no time unless you invest in some quality shoe trees. They also help to absorb moisture after a long day of wear.

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